Mosley Hill Childcare Ltd - 'Our Team' in Mossley Hill Childcare and Mossley Hill Childcare 2

Meet our team


Christine  BA(Hons) QTS EYPS   Christine has worked at the nursery since 2004, initially working her way up from Deputy Manager.  Christine is now our most experienced staff member and is the Manager and joint Owner of  Mosley Hill Childcare Ltd. She is responsible for the day to day running of both nurseries, Mossley Hill Childcare and Mossley Hill Childcare 2.  Christine is the Care Learning and Development  and Health and Safety Co ordinator, deputy Covid lead person. and Social and Emotional Wellbeing Champion.

Christine has  a BA(Hons) with Qualified Teaching Status in primary education as well as Early Years Professional Status. 



Paula  is a Deputy Manager and works within our Daisy 2 room on a full time basis.  She has worked at the nursery since 2004.  Paula has a NVQ Level 4 childcare qualification and Level 2 certificate in food hygiene.  Paula is our deputy Safeguarding Co Ordinator, Covid lead person and also a Designated First Aider.

Gerry  is our Cook, joint Owner and full time Site Manager.  Gerry is dedicated to the overall well being of the nursery and is an important part of our team when making decisions. Gerry has a Level 2 certificate in Food Hygiene.

Rebecca  works in our Daisy Room on a part time basis.  Rebecca has worked at the nursery since 2003 as a student and then as a permanent member of our team.  Rebecca has an NVQ Level 4 qualification in childcare.
Hayley  works on a part time basis in our Sunflower 2 Room.  Hayley has worked at the nursery since 2003 as a student and then as part of our permanent staff.  She has an NVQ Level 4 qualification in childcare.  
Jodie  works part time in the Sunflower 2 Room.  Jodie has been with us since 2006 and worked as a student before joining our permanent team.  Jodie has an NVQ Level 4 qualification in childcare.  Jodie is the nursery SENCO. 
  Christine  joined us in 2005 as a student and became a full time member of our team.  She now works on a part time basis in the Daisies 2 Room.  Christine has an NVQ Level 3 qualification in childcare.  


Rebecca joined us in July 2012 and is now an NVQ  Level 3 member of staff and a deputy manager at Mossley Hill Childcare.  Rebecca works full time in the Buttercup Room and is the Maths and Literacy advocate within the nursery, Wellcomm co ordinator and also the EHAT lead person.




Louise joined our team in February 2015.  She is  NVQ level 3 qualified in care learning and development and works full time in our Buttercups 2 room. Louise is also a designated First Aider, Deputy SENCo and Wellcomm co ordinator.


Pete Fun Spanish,  Suzi Diddi Dance, Funzone Kev PE, Mark from funzosphonics, tasha from btales (drama) are our peripatetic teachers who come in once a week. Pete delivers Spanish to the 3+ year olds. Both have been here since 2005 and are fully DBS checked.  Suzie from Diddi dance teaches fun movement activities with a range of stimulating resources including different language rhymes and songs.


Shabna is level 3 qualified and works part time in our Daisies room. Shabna started November 2020 but has previously worked on supply with us.


Emily joined us July 2021 and works part time in our Buttercup Room.  Emily is level 3 qualified.


Kris is our chef in Mossley Hill 2.  Kris started with us in January 2022 and is Level 2 qualified in Food Hygiene.


Lucy joined us in September 22 and is working towards her Level 3 as an Early Years Educator.  Lucy works full time in the Sunflower Room


Carla re joined us in November 22  following a quick career change.  Carla worked at the setting for 18 years before her slight break of a few weeks and we are happy to see her back on the team.  Carla works part time in Daisy Room and is also the Safeguarding Designated Lead Person.


Ellie joined us in September 22 and is a level 2 practitioner.  Ellie works almost full time in our Daisy Room.


Minhas A joined our Buttercup 2 room in March 2023.  She is currently working towards Level 3 in childcare and works full time.


Eshrak joined our Daisy Room part time in January 24. She has a Level 2 in childcare.


Claire joined us in September 23 and works full time in the Sunflower room.  Claire initially gained her NNEB and has since gained numerous certificates in early years training with lots of experience working in early years settings.  Claire is also our Transition lead and communication champion.


Dilek  joined us on voluntary placement in Jan 2024 and is working towards Level 2 childcare.


Demi joined our setting in February 2024 and is qualified Level 3 in childcare.  Demi works part time in our Sunflower Room.


Shamna joined us in February 2024 and has a degree in primary education.  Shamna has experience in working with early years and will be working part time in Buttercups 2.


Rim joined us in May 2024 and works part time with Sunflowers 2.  Rim has studies early education and holds a certificate in supporting transition to school. 


Natalie joins us for a more permanent role in July 24 and is working almost full time with Sunflowers.  Natalie has a level 3 certificate in childcare.


Danielle rejoined our team in July 2024 and is working full time in Daisy room.  Danielle has a Level 3 certificate in childcare.

All of our staff have always had full Paediatric First Aid training

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